How to solve Facebook Messenger App isn’t Connecting Error

  • Facebook has been a great social media platform to make friends or promote the business, but its messaging app sometimes becomes a headache. But, don’t worry as the methods mentioned below successfully removes the problem; thus, the incredible messaging app can start working as it should be. If you are facing the problem while running the Facebook Messenger app, then follows the methods fix the Facebook Messenger in not connecting error.

    Here is how to solve Facebook Messenger App isn’t connecting

    Clear Cache From iPhone
    The useless cache and data in a device take too much of device resources which results in the improper distribution of resources to other programs. The same situation might be happening in your device, and hence the problem is occurring in a while running Facebook Messenger. If the cache data is filling up the iPhone, then clear up the cache and prevent your phone taken up by the unnecessary data. The iPhone usually clear up the cache automatically and likely to show the lower tendency of slowing down. But if the iPhone is facing the worse scenario, then look around for help.

    Restart your iPhone
    When a device or a phone reboot, every program runs from its root level and hence the problem like crashing or freezing of the applications installed in the device likely to reduce. Similarly, in your iPhone, some programs or processes which running at the background might take too many resources; as a result, the problem is arising. Press the power button and select to switch off the device. Wait for a minute or two, and restart your phone.

    Restart the Messenger App
    The app may not work due to a bug in the app, hence the preventing it from running on the device. But there is a way to eliminate the problem. Force quitting sounds like a hit and trial method, but most of the time, it works perfectly. The Force quit will end the Messenger app from its root level, and when you relaunch the app, it will run smoothly like freshly installed. Once the Facebook Messenger app is force quit, open the app again in your phone and check if the issue is solved or not.

    Update the Messenger
    If nothing is working out then maybe the sudden absurd performance of the Messenger app is indicating that it is now outdated and hence need to update the app with a newer version. The developer older doesn’t release any supports for the older version, and therefore the users are made to install the latest version of the application. Visit the app store in your device and navigate the application. There, you will need to select the Update tab, and the phone will automatically update the application. The updates will come with patch ups and new files consequently eliminating the problem.

    The Messenger is not connecting error is not an uncommon error. Still, depending upon your device, and version of the iOS device, you can quickly eliminate the problem. With these methods, the Facebook Messenger not connecting error will be cured, and the app will begin to run correctly again in the device.

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    How to solve Facebook Messenger App isn’t Connecting Error

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