Best Blu-Rays Playing Apps on Mac Device

  • From the decade of the 1990s, DVD (Digital Versatile Disk) movies were welcomed by Mac devices. But Blu-rays became the successor to DVD for high definition video. Unfortunately, Blu-rays couldn’t get similar welcome as happened in case of DVD. Apple didn’t want to create the Blu-ray drives equipped with the Mac devices. Ultimately Apple gave up the optical drives also for emphasizing on the sale of movies via iTunes platform. Many a time, users of Mac have to go through the burning of the Blu-rays. Hence there is a stack of the third-party Blu-ray drives that are accessible for the Mac devices.

    In case of finding the Blu-ray player application or software for Mac devices on the online platform, you might get the suspected websites that might not be compatible with the Blu-ray discs. In this line, there are a number of choices which is available in the Mac App Store as given below:

    1. VLC for playing Blu-rays

    VLC is an open-source video playing application that can work with the different file formats including Blue-ray. But you have to play the Blu-rays disc on VLC without any safe mode. So, you can play the Blue-ray on the app of VLC along with no secure connections. It is recommended not to use VLC for Blu-rays playback as it doesn’t function properly.

    1. Leawo Bl-ray Player App

    This is one of the two Mac Blu-ray applications that are developed by Chinese enterprises. The menu bar of this app guides you quickly turn the tracks of sound and subtitle. You can move the different video clips placed on the disc along with the button of Playlist. Different from other Blu-ray playing software, Leawo is not locked with the area. Thus, you can enjoy the Blu-rays videos in the entire globe with this app.

    It does play the discs with firm and beautiful image along with clear audio. It consumes time for loading the disc. You will not be having the tension about the advertisements. Here, you don’t require to download the spyware program. Microsoft Office is easy to download and install. Activate it now on - If you have purchased Norton or Mcafee security product recently , go to the website

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