• I’d welcome suggestions for how to organize the categories for this forum. (That’s the list of areas for conversations: There can be parent / child categories, too, as shown where we have National Go Center as a parent category with child categories like technology, K—12 education, etc.

    For the moment, I haven’t changed much from the out-of-the-box stuff NodeBB has. MassGo has a pretty good list:
    0_1473700066622_2016-09-12 at 1.07 PM.png

    I might structure ours to take some of their good ideas. But I thought I’d throw out the question to the forum at large and see if there were any particular suggestions people had. One possibility would have having specific areas for local clubs, like the GWGC and NOVA go club.

  • They’ve worked for us! We started with a smaller list and added categories at it made sense. Perhaps best to see what discussions are happening for a while and decide from there.

    Creating specific areas for local clubs is interesting, but worry it would mostly end up being pits on inactive despair. The MGA is on the large and more active side and it is work to keep ‘reasons for people to look at forums’ happening regularly. We’ve got stewards that actively post each week to maintain energy.

  • @Drazi That’s great advice. I think the counsel to keep things minimal until topics emerge from existing conversation rather than create dead real estate makes tons of sense.

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