Room options

  • Will there be wifi in the dorm rooms?

    Also, if I sign up for a double room, am I signing up for one of the two beds and should expect the other bed to be filled, or am I signing up for the room and I can sleep two people in it? I sort of assume it’s the former (esp. given the prices) but the descriptions aren’t super clear on this.

  • Quick update: I spoke to the registrar in person today who assured me there would be wireless in the rooms and in the tournament area.

    I didn’t bother asking about the single/double thing; my assumption seems too sensible to be wrong. ;-)

  • @dmwit Hah, thanks for following up with @Gary about your question, and especially for posting the info you got. I was away in California for the weekend and didn’t get a chance to respond. :D

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