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  • I’ve been working with Gurujeet for the last couple months getting things rolling for NGC’s tech side. I thought I’d put a list of what I’m currently working on here so that people can see what’s coming down the pike, ask questions, and potentially join what will hopefully become the NGC tech team.


    For a few months, I had working on the NGC logo on my list, but designing logos is hard and I didn’t make any progress on it till we were really down to the wire at the end of June.

    0_1473684361145_2016-09-12 at 8.43 AM.png

    I used the image of a clamshell stone I’d worked on a while ago when working on potential logos for GoKibitz, and a vertical slab approach that I kinda ganked from This American Life’s logo.

    It still needed some work, though, as I wasn’t happy with the typeface I’d chosen or the way the word “Go” looked. Before Go Congress, I finished up a second version:

    0_1473684534306_2016-09-12 at 8.48 AM.png

    This version uses two different typefaces: Exo, for “National” and “Center”, which has simple geometric forms with a lot of personality shown in letters like the C, L, and E, then Cassanet Regular for the word “Go”, where I wanted something that made both those letters look as much like circles as possible, because, well, it makes them look like stones. I think the contrast between “Go” and the other words is much improved, and Exo is a great typeface to use for regular copy.

    I envision the possibility of swapping out different versions of the go stone as variations.

    Anyway: that’s the current state of our official design resources. I think it’s a good start, but I would certainly welcome anyone with more design experience who wanted to shepherd the process of developing a more complete brand package.

    The NGC Website

    I raced a basic placeholder site out the door for the press release that announced the grant from the INAF (pronounced eye-naf) and have been working on the website since then.

    Our production site is at

    Our in-development site is at

    To access it, you’ll need to put in a username and password: ngc / go nats

    Why have a username and password, if I’m putting it here? It’s just to keep it veiled from search engines and other casual viewers: if you’re interested enough in the NGC to be reading this, you’re interested enough to have access to the dev site.

    The site is powered by KeystoneJS, a simple CMS powered by NodeJS and Mongo, technologies I enjoy working with. It’s hosted on Github, for all the world to see:

    I’d love for anyone interested in contributing to get the site set up so they can develop locally and help me make it awesome.

    Here’s my to-do list right now for the site:

    • Get a news section working (a blog)
    • Make sure individual news posts work well with uploaded images, etc
    • Get a nice page set up that explains all the basics of the NGC as an “about” page
    • Get more high-quality go photos to serve as banner images
    • Get a README created that has step-by-step instructions on how to set up the site locally so other people can get involved in site development

    NGC Forum

    I just set up NodeBB over the weekend to serve as the NGC forum. I’m mostly happy with the way it works, though there are more instances of design jankiness than I would like.

    The main item on my to-do list now for this is to create a custom NodeBB theme to start making the design much more our own.

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