Working with young beginners.

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    Should we have a category for K-12 education discussion? I am most interested in elementary school, where I will be working with third grade students and older.
    Are others really teaching K-second grade?

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    It would be interesting to hear what age groups people are working with. The K-12 designation was more to say the topic was working with the local schools and school districts and to distinguish it from collegiate go which is also very active in the DC area.

  • K-12 Schools

    I have been teaching in a middle school for two years, and in a high school for six months. This year I am adding a high school that already has a program, but the teacher wants to take a break, possibly permanently. I am also starting a program in a Japanese immersion program Elementary school, for third to sixth grade.

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    We are starting our third year at Neabsco Elementary in Prince William County Schools. We have 3-5 graders. We meet once per week. First year we were an after school program, but moved to a before school program second year. Before school has advantage of students are more alert and dismissal is easy as it is to school (no waiting for parents). One down side is students have to be movtivated to get their parents to bring them to school early.

  • Have you considered hosting a summer camp for Youth?

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