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    Hot fresh coffee for a buck in NGC kitchen! Post your coffee suggestions and comments on this thread. The Klub will only work if you throw your buck in the bucket. Please keep the area neat and add water to the Keurig as needed.


  • Nice! It’s a great relief to me, personally, to have a source of hot coffee at the NGC.

    Hopefully the electric tea kettle and green tea I ordered will find their way into the center—they were supposed to be delivered when I was there on Sunday, but they were late. :P

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    We have 3 kinds of pods (and some samples). Bustelo (dark roast), Donut Shop (medium roast), and Maxwell House (decaf). We also 4 kinds of sweetener and little pods of CoffeeMate for whitening your brew. Sorry no real dairy because of concern over self life.

  • K-12 Schools

    Where else can you go and drink coffee out of “classic” European and US Go Congress mugs? Come have some coffee, pitch a buck in the bucket (it’s cheap but not free), and play a game of GO!

  • Here’s mud in your eye!


    Thanks for setting up the Keurig Klub, Gary. :D

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    I’ve joined the Forum finally :)

  • @Starstorm3 Finally! Gary and I could use the company.

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