• I have a sentimental personal attachment to Ing clocks. I’m guessing that those might be expensive and not easily available?

    The price on these seems outstanding, so long as the clocks do everything they need. It looks like we can check out the discussion the Massachusetts Go Association had:

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    I didn’t know anyone had a sentimental attachment to Ing clocks! Hopefully the LEAPs won’t be as unintuitive about setting the time parameters.

  • After taking the time to read through their whole thread, it seems like the LEAPs are a pretty good option (and better than Ing in at least one crucial respect: they remember settings).

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    @nate as a TD I don’t like ING clocks because I can only see one person’s time without walking around to the other side. As a player and TD I like to be able to see both times at a glance.

  • I can second @nate’s sentiment for ING clocks, but I do see the impracticality of it for TDs and the seemingly lack of available / I imagine they are more expensive than I would expect.

    The UMBC Go Club had a set of Excalibur clocks that were pretty nice, but they are pretty expensive.

    The LEAP clock seems to be a fair value and decent design. Perhaps we should purchase one for personal experimentation first?

  • @gurujeet That makes sense!

  • @bengozen Check out the conversation I linked to above: sounds like MassGo’s Excaliburs had a pretty high mortality rate.

  • @nate Yeah I’m not surprised. They felt kind of cheap when I used them and the mechanism for how they work did feel like they would have a short shelf life.

  • Trying to finalize clock order this week. I’m close to the limit for what I am able to front dollar-wise right now - but if your club wants 20+ clocks, can send me ($20 x #clocks) asap, and lets me know by Friday 9/16 - I can add you to order. Shipping from Boston to you will be an additional cost (estimating ~$60 to ship 20 - 30 clocks inside US through USPS, but might be able to get better deal).

    MGA has been having a discussion/battle over which clock for ~year and the thread Nate links to is a good summary. I suspect in 6 months we’ll have some strong feelings one way or another about the LEAP clock, haha.

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