How To Reduce Motion On An iPhone?

  • The parallax wallpaper motion effects of iPhone can seem a bit attractive, but after some time it can make you distracted when you are doing your work. Generally, it can also make you irritated after a point of time. Thankfully, this feature can be disabled easily. Go through this blog carefully to know the method of turning off the motion effects of the iPhone from the settings itself.

    Disable the parallax effect and prevent the queasiness

    Do you want to know about Parallax?

    It changes the perspective, when you look at an object from different angles. Specifically, when you are changing your position. For iPhone, whenever you tilt it, parallax wallpaper starts moving.

    Note: The steps mentioned below are suitable for iPhone working iOS 7.1 or the newer ones.

    The method of enabling Reduce Motion of iPhone

    Mark that an iPhone comprises of an individual setting option which shall remove transition effects, animations and at last but not the least parallax wallpaper. Follow the given below steps carefully if you prefer things entirely still.

    Firstly, go to Settings.
    Then, tap on General.
    After that, click on Accessibility.
    Next, Press on the option of Reduce Motion. It shall be immediately below the title of Vision,
    Then, push the toggle of Reduce Motion rightwards. It will change from colorless or White to Green color.
    The method of enabling low power mode

    Always remember that if you have an iPhone which is working iPhone operating system 9 or the newer version, you shall even have an option of using battery saving low power mode for turning off motion effects. Go through the given below steps for enabling this mode.

    Firstly, go to Settings.
    Then, press on Battery.
    Next, push Low Power Mode toggle rightwards. It will change into Green in color.
    The method of making still wallpapers

    Firstly, go to Settings.
    Then, press on Wallpaper.
    After that, click on Choose a New Wallpaper.
    Look at options present on it.
    Choose the image from the Camera Roll to get the picture for searching the wallpaper that you would like to have on your iPhone.
    After selecting the picture, click on the option Still. This option shall be present towards the end of the display.
    Next, click on Set.
    Lastly, select whether you wish to have the image as the Lock Screen and Home Screen. Luckily, you will also get the option of having both of them.

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