Pumpkin Classic Tournament, 10/29

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    Pumpkins as prizes! Fun! Go! It is October and it is time for the Pumpkin Classic! Warning: do not think about how you’re going to carve your prize because your opponent will carve up your position!

    Please pre-register before midnight October 27 for October 29 Tournament. Registration will be available on the day at tournament, however you must be registered (and checked in, even if pre-registered) before 9:15 am to be paired in the first round.

    Registration and more details can be found at http://www.novagoclub.org/tournaments

    This will be a 4-round single-day tournament with 45 minutes of main time (extra time, 20 stones in 5 minutes). All levels are welcome, fun for everyone.

    —Garry Smith

    SAVE the DATE:
    Richmond (VA) Go Club is back and will be having a fall tournament on October 15. http://richmondgo.com/tournaments/
    December Tournament — December 10

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